Speaking the Truth in Love Stories

I’m sweaty. I’m tired. I feel very deserving of the mint chocolate chip velvet ice cream I am about to devour. My husband, son, and I have spent the last several hours hiking almost eight miles. I should note that my son is only six months old; therefore his mother is very out of shape. Thankfully my husband recognized my weakness, and carried him the whole time! Upon arriving at our destination, we quickly requested two orders of mint chocolate chip.

                As I am savoring my cold, delicious reward, I am interrupted by an elderly lady. She notices my ice cream, and asks how it tastes. I assure her of its awesome deliciousness, and proceed with my feasting. To my surprise (or not to my surprise) she begins telling my husband and me about the velvet ice cream she used to get when she was dating her husband years ago. She tells us about moving away from her hometown and how she and her husband had decided to revisit, making it a point to stop at her favorite ice cream shop. For a moment I am concerned that her autobiography is about to begin, and that maybe it will become a six part series! Suddenly an older man in a sunhat arrives to her side delivering a mint chocolate chip cone. It takes us only a few seconds to realize that all four of us have ordered the same thing. We smile, giggle, and then the couple get up and meander away chatting together.

Being the romantic personality that I am, I started thinking about love. You know how you get when you see an elderly couple holding hands? You start to believe that love is patient and kind. You start to believe that love never fails.

ImageThere are many different types of stories that I enjoy. I’ve noticed that every story is nothing, unless it is a story about love. The war hero fights for the love of his country and family. The renegade assassin kills to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. The lawyer debates, because he loves justice. The grieving widow fights insanity, because she loved her husband.

Love or lack of love motivates everything. Love is the sugar that helps the medicine go down, because truth without love is unbearable. That is why I believe that one of the best ways truth is communicated is through love stories. It started with a love story after all.

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