Our Marriage is Arranged, but Christ Will Only Marry for Love.

Can you imagine…


The King of Kings arranged a marriage for His Son, the Prince of Peace. This prince, Jesus Christ, obeys his father and agrees to this marriage. He falls in love with her, and gladly pays the price for her hand. Jesus does this, but he can see that his future bride has little interest in Him. She has many suitors and lovers…she does not return the love He has for her.

Jesus has the right to claim her and to take her by force, for he has already paid for her. Yet, He doesn’t exercise that right. She is His betrothed, but He still will only marry for love. He chose her, but He will not force her. He will wait for her to choose Him.

He is a perfect lover. He pursues her passionately, showering her with gifts and love letters. He stays close, always available for her choosing. He doesn’t hide, but He shows Himself. He never signs the letters as “your secret admirer”. Instead, He deliberately identifies Himself through the gifts He creates for her. She has no excuse if she ignores Him, because His intentions have been boldly stated.

Oh how His heart will break, as He watches His beloved turn to others for love and pleasure! He sees how the others abuse her and deceive her, and He rescues her from them over and over again. They ask Him, “What right do you have to take her from us?” Jesus proudly tells them that His Father, the King of Kings, has arranged His marriage to her. Jesus has already paid the price for her. The enemies relent immediately.

Then one day, after his bride is broken and left empty by all the other suitors, He comes to her. He sends her beautiful clothes and pays for her to have a day at the spa. He takes her on a date to remember, reassuring her of His never-changing love. She is dazzled by His romance and overcome with love. She knows there is no future with anyone else. At the end of the evening, the great Prince acts humbly, although He is much greater than her. He takes a knee and asks her to marry Him. She is delighted, but she feels unworthy. She has accumulated so much debt from the wild life she has lived. She can bring nothing to Him, but the consequences of her sins.

Jesus smiles, and tells her that He has already paid every debt. He has already suffered the consequences for her. He has loved her with an everlasting love, and will never ever stop. He places the engagement ring on her finger as a guarantee that the wedding day is coming.


Jesus loves the Church.


3 thoughts on “Our Marriage is Arranged, but Christ Will Only Marry for Love.

  1. Nicholas Powell says:

    This is wonderfully and beautifully written, as the Lord has planned. This story is the living story of our Lord and savior, the prince of peace. The love story of our life with Jesus Christ. Let us pray for all those lost and mislead to be set free in acceptance of the proposal made from our Lord. I encourage you to continue the good fight Rebbecca – Glory to God forever more, grace be with you!

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