FAQ: A Lily at Dawn


What is your book about?

A Lily at Dawn is an inspirational novel about overcoming tragedy and trusting God through difficult circumstances. The story follows a young woman living Detroit, MI who searches for the truth about her fiance’s past after a terrible accident takes his life. The story also follows her fiance’s family as they struggle to trust God and let go of bitterness. The faith based love story will remind you of God’s sovereignty and grace.

How can I buy the book?

The book is available in softcover, hardcover, and eBook format. You can get the book at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, rebeccafellrath.com/alilyatdawn/, westbowpress.com, your local bookstore, or at one of my book signing events. If you would like to buy it from a local bookstore, you will most likely have to place a pick-up order. Prices vary depending on where you buy the book. Books sold directly from me are $15.00 for the softcover and $25.00 for the hardcover. Request the book at your local library to read it for free!

Can you sign my book?

I would love to sign your book! Any books you order from my website will be signed automatically. I will be signing and selling books at various events. You can see the complete list of events at https://rebeccafellrath.com/events/.

What inspired the book?

The original inspiration came while I was day dreaming, as a twelve year old girl. God had recently taken my faith from something that “my family did” to a personal and real relationship. My new understanding of God’s grace and my hopes to one day fall in love, brought the story to life. I always had different stories and plots buzzing through my head, but this was the first time I wrote it down start to finish. Unfortunately the draft was deleted, but the story was not forgotten. After my car accident in December of 2010, I was out of work for three months, and had the time to finally rewrite the story. The book would have stayed in my computer if it weren’t for the encouragement and assistance of my husband. My husband’s own car accident, and the birth of my son have also added inspiration to the final edits.

Will you come speak about your book at my club, event, or Bible study?

I would be honored to share more details about the book and the events that inspired it. If you would like me to come to your group event, contact me on my website at https://rebeccafellrath.com/contact-rebecca/ or message me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rebeccafellrath .

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