You know you’re in a Homeschool Romance if…

You Know You’re in a Homeschool Romance if…

(The funny and not so funny stereotypes.)

  1. Your parent’s favorite book is “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”
  2. The 11th commandment is “thou shall ask the father for permission”.
  3. Being caught making eye contact is a public declaration of romantic interest.
  4. Whether you’re 15 or 35, your parents must be VERY INVOLVED.
  5. There’s a lot of confusion about what to call your relationship. Are you dating? Are you courting? Are you “special friends”?
  6. You have to take your younger siblings on every date (It’s fairly easy to follow this rule, because all of your dates are at your parent’s house or at church).
  7. The only chick flicks you are allowed to watch are episodes of “The Little House on the Prairie”.
  8. If you want to actually go see a movie together, there is an extensive application process.
  9. You periodically delete all the texts saved in your phone in case of a random cell phone check.
  10. Everyone thinks you’re engaged, because of your purity ring.
  11. First base is sitting next to each other. Second base is holding hands. Third base is hugging. A home run is your first kiss (on your wedding day). No one really knows what happens after that…
  12. You’ve never seen each other in a swimsuit, but you’re fairly certain that your significant other’s suit is made of denim.
  13. You love prayer time at church, because it’s the only time you can hold hands in front of your parents. So there!
  14. You are constantly asked if you are going to have as many kids as your parents did.
  15. Although your parents have given you extensive premarital counseling, you still haven’t had “the talk”.
  16. The Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are very dignified. You play Risk or have a tea party.
  17. The most scandalous wedding gift you receive is a floor length night gown that your Aunt made (Your poor mother is redder than a tomato).
  18. Your wedding dress is the first non-denim dress you have ever worn.
  19. There is absolutely no dancing at your wedding. However, swaying during “Amazing Grace” is acceptable.
  20. The most awkward question you have ever been asked is “How was the Honeymoon?”
  21. Your first child is born 9 months after the wedding.

One thought on “You know you’re in a Homeschool Romance if…

  1. Laurel says:

    Yikes, yup those are all pretty true. Guess I didn’t have a “homeschool romance”. Mu husband and I definitely did more “dating”.

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