We all have moments in our lives that we will never forget. Moments like reading Anne of Green Gables for the first time, and completely falling in love with Gilbert Blithe. Moments like reading how Samwise stayed loyal to Frodo, and followed him into the heart of Mordor. Or reading the Gospel of John and being overwhelmed by the passion of Christ. From Jesus to Jane Austen I have learned the most important truths through love stories. I will always be a student of them, and probably always write them.

I spend most of my days taking care of my four little loves and enjoying a love story of my own with my husband. My first novel A Lily at Dawn was published in 2014, and follows the story of a young woman who finds herself, God, and romance in the midst of tragedy.

You never know what the next chapter of life will hold or what story I’ll write next, but I bet you’ll love it.


“A Lily at Dawn” is available for purchase!



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