14358650_10155161493703265_8979350335695196399_nRebecca Fellrath is a young writer who will likely change the world. She began her love of creative writing in the first grade, when she wrote her first poem “The Bumble Bee”. It was only the beginning of many poems and short stories that would fill notebook upon notebook. She loved being home-schooled, especially since it allowed her the freedom to create at her own pace. Despite what you may be thinking, Rebecca is not an introvert. Her friends know her as an outgoing peppy person who talks even more than she writes.

When she was twelve years old she was inspired to write a novel. Many days at a computer desk produced a magnificent rough draft, but to her dismay it was accidentally deleted. Years later, on the day after Christmas, Rebecca was on her way to church. The pavement was icy and the road curvy. She began to slide, and her car soon flipped…six times. She was trapped in her vehicle for an hour, waiting for the Jaws of Life to cut her out. With a broken back, broken neck, broken sternum, collapsed lung, and concussion, her chances of survival were not very high. Rebecca remembers a women appearing inside the car, who supported her neck and back, so that she could breathe. The paramedics, firefighters, and policemen never saw the mystery woman. Angel or human, Rebecca thanks God for sending her.

During Rebecca’s three-month recovery, she began re-writing her novel. It was difficult work balancing her laptop at the right angle, so that she could still see the screen in a neck brace. She preferred writing in the family dining room, where she could hear her five younger siblings coming and going, and sharing their experiences. Her fiancé, Josh, visited almost daily, checking in on her recovery and book progress. At the end of the three months, Rebecca was happy to be free of her sick-bed and happy to have completed her second, first draft.

The next months were busy, with little attention on her secret masterpiece. Rebecca got married, began working at a day care, and started helping with church youth group. One year after her car accident, Rebecca finally made preparations to publish her book. Everything was on track, when tragedy struck again!

Rebecca’s husband, Josh, was in a serious car accident. She had to quit her job to take care of him, as he had broken his neck, injured tendons in his ankle and thumb, and sustained a very severe concussion. She spent her days pushing him around in a wheelchair, and helping him with therapy, in hopes that his short-term memory would return. To the glory of God, Josh was able to return to work ten months after the accident.

The publishing of her novel was delayed, yet again. This time the reason was a very positive one. Rebecca and Josh welcomed their son, Ryan, into the world.

The lessons of suffering, perseverance, and love, were used as inspiration as the final draft of the book was typed.

Rebecca is happy to announce, that her novel, “A Lily at Dawn” is available for purchase!



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